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Pavis Architects approach brings direct benefits to our clients and the contractors we work with.

We focus relentlessly on eliminating unnecessary complexity in design to create elegantly simple architecture.

We ask what can be designed out to make a building work better, not what technology we need to add in to fix a problem that shouldn’t be there.

We apply integrated design thinking using BIM (Building Information Modeling) to pre-emptively ensure every aspect of the building is fully co-ordinated at design stage rather than left to resolve on site.

For our clients this ensures a smooth process, and enables us to achieve buildings of a higher quality that cost less to build, and subsequently cost significantly less in use for energy consumption and maintenance.

For the contractors we collaborate with, or who employ us directly, our buildings are more straightforward and economic to build, because we understand construction, create simple robust detailing, offer responsive support, and provide timely, clear and comprehensive information.

For the consultants with whom we work, our design process is enjoyable, engaging and creative, but also demanding, because we expect the whole team to achieve the highest possible standard, within the client’s budget and timescale.

For the partners we provide specialist consultancy advice to, we bring the benefit of unrivalled expertise in innovation and fresh thinking, underpinned by the practical experience of delivering successful sustainable projects.

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