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"Our architecture is a direct response to the aims and ambitions of our clients and users”


Mission Statement

I have been in architecture for almost thirty years, having worked for large international architectural practices in London and East Anglia, who’s aims were often to be painfully efficient in creating boring boxes, predictable corporate consultants, who viewed creativity as a form of Witchcraft!  However as a graduate of the Architectural Association, world renowned for producing Starchitect’s of the avant-garde and their often wild narcissistic ideas. I am skilled and experienced in efficiency and creativity and don’t see them as mutually exclusive, so I set up the practice that became Pavis Architects in 2006 to operate in the fertile overlap between two opposites.

Rather than choosing one or the other, we choose a third way, a pragmatic utopian architecture that takes on creation of socially, economically and environmentally conscious places “cognitive spaces” as a practical objective. If we are not copying historical models or edicts, copying the poorly designed neighbouring buildings or creating narcissistic temple to our creative genius, as great almighty architects, grand geometricians, what influences our design?

Our unique pragmatic utopianism, is designed and created by listening to and collaborating with our clients and their building users. We place the emphasis on the development of close working relationships between clients, designers, consultants and contractors, to achieve the highest levels of functionality. We take a proactive role in leading the design team engaging the community in the design process of the building, whilst utilizing the latest modern methods of construction and the latest sustainable measures to help the clients’ money to go further. More bang for their buck!

Science-based and human-focused, Pavis Architects create cognitive spaces, utilising sociology and the psychology of space to bring creative, innovative rigour to the process of making cities, urban places and buildings, creating unique, imaginative, playful environments that inspire all that come into contact with them, while meeting our clients’ needs elegantly and congruently, supporting and inspiring our clients, reinforcing their ethics, aims and aspirations.


As a former regional chairman of the Association of Environment Conscious Building and having worked on numerous environmentally conscious projects, panels and Government initiatives around the UK and in Europe, I tell you unequivocally that whatever you are doing, it must be sustainable. With years of experience in Passivhaus Technology and other environmentally conscious interventions we assist our clients in creating sustainable buildings that can save our clients as much as 80% on their annual running costs. Buildings designed specifically for and in collaboration with their users, environmentally conscious cognitive spaces! We believe we help our client’s evolve their buildings to better suit their user’s needs.

Join the evolution lets co-create some cognitive spaces together


Sean Jeffries Pavis
Sean Jeffries Pavis   BA(Hons) PgDipArch BManDip AA PgCertEd MIfL ARB
Founder + Lead Architect + Designer
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