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In the beginning there was …...

In the beginning there was..... the you, the client. As an architect I can sit and draw pretty pictures all day, but that makes me an artist, not an architect. Before you get architecture, you need a building, and before you get that you need the idea, the concept, the genesis of a need for a building, that hopefully will become architecture.

You can not get great architecture without a great client. So with any great architectural journey, starts with a great client.

Everyone is capable of being a great client, you just need to care. If you are going to love and look after your building it is vital that you are involved in creating and conceiving it. Co-creation is the answer.

The human mind is our planets most valuable resource

There is nothing more valuable than the human mind. I am dedicated to creating spaces and places that enable people to realise their true potential.

In the beginning there was the enlightened client! That's a great start

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