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"Of all the world’s resources, none are more valuable than the human mind.
We are dedicated to creating spaces that enable people to realise their potential”

Sean Jeffries Pavis


Our Philosophy

Pavis and Associates are UK based Environmentally Conscious Architects and Cognitive Space Consultants, we have a unique skill set and focus on creating buildings that are designed to enable people to realise their potential. 

Drawing from and operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, sociology and psychology, educational theory
and practice, research and development, the office is involved in a wide range of diverse projects, varying in
program, location, scale and complexity. Pavis architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how
contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. We are uniquely placed to work with our clients to co-create
unique solutions that focus on the users achieving their potential.


Whatever you do, we passionately believe that a well-designed place will help you do it better.
We are driven by the pursuit of a quality, a belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality
of our lives, whether learning, playing, living, working or simply being you.


We believe that everybody has the same rights, every point of view the same value. Our architecture incorporates
and integrates differences, not though compromise or by choosing sides, but by marrying apparently incompatible
interests into a Gordian knot of new ideas. We utilize a variety of client engagement methods to help draw out the
users requirements and the reasons behind these requirements to enable us to really understand our clients’ needs
and desires.

Rather than revolution, we are interested in evolution. Darwin describes creation as a process of excess and selection; we let the forces of the buildings community ecology decide which of our ideas can live, and which must die. Surviving ideas evolve through mutation and
crossbreeding into an entirely new species of architecture, Our client’s own “Cognitive Space”.

                                                                        In our projects we test the effect of size and balance of programmatic mixtures on the quadruple bottom line of the
                                                                        social, economic, ecological and cultural outcomes. We try to move the focus from the building to the users to create
                                                                        places and spaces that enable them to realise their maximum potential.  The zero carbon target is just a starting point
                                                                        we help our clients to create buildings that can make them money, helping reduce fuel poverty and creating a positive
                                                                        impact on their environment. We have no predetermined solution, using our unique approach, our clients buildings,
                                                                        can be their most their flexible tool and their most valuable asset.

                                                                        A pragmatic utopian architecture, “cognitive spaces” that are aware, thoughtful and knowledgeable spaces that share
                                                                        cognitive matter through social interaction working in concert in the creation of socially, economically and
                                                                        environmentally perfect places as a practical objective.


People are remarkable, we work with our clients to help them create the remarkable sustainable solutions
they deserve.
We have expertise in design, place making and project delivery. We believe that the real value of our
work comes from its ability to contribute to long-term success through a close understanding of our clients’ nature,
enthusiasm, needs and aspirations.

We creating successful buildings and spaces that encourages the interaction between the building and its users. Ultimately the building is only there to support the activities that are going on inside of it. People are the most important element, people need to feel comfortable when they come into the building. Architecture is about people, their needs and aspirations.

                                                                                  Well-designed co-create cognitive spaces can create
                                                                                  environments that can inspire its users while creating
                                                                                  an environment’s which can help them achieve their
                                                                                  true potential.

                                                                                  Just as individuals can achieve their potential through
                                                                                  focus, effort and courage, we feel that it is the same
                                                                                  focus and boldness helps facilitate the creation of
                                                                                  remarkable buildings.

                                                                                  Be bold remember, people get killed in the middle
                                                                                  of the road!

”I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”
Elon Musk – CEO Tesla Motors, Space X and Solar City, engineer and inventor
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